Tuesday, November 9, 2004

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Are you a fan of minicomics and other small press comics? If you are, then swing on by Small Press Swap Meet, a new online clearinghouse for minis, small press, and comic swag. I've got a few of my own minis up there for sale, if you're looking for something fun to read.

total distractions
The guy who played Chainsaw in Summer School has his own website.

X-Entertainment has a funny review of The Worst Witch.

Delicious Library has been launched. It reminds me of the collaborative library database project that my friends and I were planning: "Project Giles". The big difference is that these guys actually wrote the code. Our project is still in the "sketched on legal paper, and then we went bowling" stage.

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1 James   (9:28pm - Nov 9, 2004)

The delicious library is cool, but it looks like it's only for Macs. What a waste!

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