Monday, December 12, 2005

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new! Geraniums and Bacon issue 3!

Cover of minicomic _Geraniums and Bacon_ issue 3

It's here! The latest issue of my minicomic Geraniums and Bacon is now available! Pick up a copy and gawk at Kitty's true confessions: adult ed addiction, inappropriate thoughts, ethical grooving, and more! Plus fun stories, quirky cartoons, and new adventures with Milo Mercury and Ginger - 20 pages of rock-out fun!

Here's a sample short from this issue - Miss Manners' Guide to Ethical Grooving!

Get your copy today with the power of Paypal!

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1 James   (3:46pm - Dec 13, 2005)


Just in time for Christmas!

2 Bill Doughty   (7:06pm - Dec 22, 2005)

I just ordered my copy. Can't wait to read it!

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