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Fixing Destiny Again

Fixing Destiny, Again illustration

In this sequel to the Leonardo campaign, we returned to our own time only to find that when you kill Leonardo da Vinci, it kinda throws a wrench in things. Somehow, our finding Atlantis and going there would set everything right, so we built an Atlantis finder and a travelling pod and made our way down there. And then we stopped there because we were college students and had difficult schedules.

"Did we stop the campaign at a 'Save' place?"

"I'm Cameron. I was last seen killing Leonardo da Vinci."

"We all laugh at Mike. It's okay."

"... with distant fires in the distance ..."

"In this world, doors eat people."

"Hey, what are all the 'da Vincis' called now?"

"Do you have a weapon?"
-- Andy's reply: "I am a weapon."

"Don't cross the Mikes!"

"Gabriel is moderately good-looking."
-- "Mike has a dot in Good Looking!"
-- GM holds up the "Vulgar as Hell" sign

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"
-- "Don't make me pull this game over!"

"Hey, Cleveland has a Rock 'n' Roll hall of fame!"
-- "I didn't know that Bob Dylan was an Ecstatic!"

"Are you guys acquainted with sonic booms?"
-- "The sharif is not pleased! He's sent out the jet fighters!"

"Go go gadget God!"

"James, did you read Starship Troopers? Do you remember what they fell out of the sky in?"
-- "Big balloons?"

"The Ecstatic is fairly serious looking."
-- "Ah, it's Bob Dylan in the '80's' period."

"Who needs weapons?"
--- Andy's response, again: "I am a weapon."

"I have two guns, a switchblade, and a knife -"
-- "And a partridge in a pear tree!"

"I gotta figure out what to do with an engine and a condenser ... I could make it rain, I guess."

The gang tries to teach feeble lawyer Cameron how to shoot.
"You think back to using your computers - just point and click!"

"That was a nice Armani suit until you wet it."

"Hey! Everyone! That includes you Mike! Pay attention to God!"

"Hey, God? Can you pass me the Fritos?"

"How did you accomplish that with the smoke?"
-- Sings "Oh, oh, it's magic!"

"The trick is not to think of the Cheeto as existing ... there is no Cheeto."

"Does anyone have a map to Atlantis?"
-- "To Mapquest!"

"All you're good at is killing Renaissance Italian guys!"
-- "That's where my talents lie!"

Zen writes an impromptu haiku about Cheetos.
"You are quite cheesy
I like your buttery taste
I will eat more now."

"I can sit on Gabriel's lap!"
-- "No."
"I'm a seventeen year old tiny --"
-- "That's why not!"

"I'm pissed at you because you killed the dog!"
-- "I needed the experience point!"

"How are you powering the pod up?"
-- "Qui-Gon comes up to him and says, 'Here, use this power source ...' "

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