Sunday, February 22, 2004

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no kidding

The Boston Globe ran a Sunday supplement article on the childfree. Not as damningly sepia as some previous media treatments, but still a bit negative in some places. I mean, highlighting Maddox's web page making fun of children's artwork? What was the point of bringing that up? The cover blurb was fairly incendiary as well, given the even tone of the article. The childfree movement isn't "anti-child" any more than cat owners are "anti-dog". Some childfree people like kids, some don't. The fundamental issue is just not wanting to have any, for whatever reason.

in other news
Diggety-dig it: free Asian-inspired fonts and Japanese emoticons

media intake
The Crimson Letter - Read about the first 40 pages and decided that it was a bit too academic for me and that I'd rather be reading something more anecdotal. It felt like every third word was quoted from some other text. Jarring.

Chip Kidd - Highlighting the works of Chip Kidd, renowned designer known for his book jackets. Nice eye candy that'll have you looking differently at the bookstore next time you're there.

Fake, volume 3 - More of the same. I won a lot of donuts.

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