Tuesday, March 9, 2004

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Reading Battle Royale and then immediately spending an entire weekend reading all of James Ellroy's The Big Nowhere maybe not such a good idea. I keep feeling like I'll turn around and find people I know pointing guns at me, either to shoot me so that they can survive or to accuse me of being some jazz-loving horse-dealing Commie sympathizer.

Damn, those were some really good books, though.

Next up: I should read something happy.

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1 Mister Wolf   (6:27pm - Mar 10, 2004)

Maybe I should check these out. I've been having trouble getting into books, these days.

I mean, it sounds like pretty rough stuff, but seeing as I'm right now reading Maximum Light, which is about a gay dancer's balls being stolen by underground geneticicists to make chimps with the faces and hands of human babies for black market sales in a world where almost the entire male population has begun shooting blanks, I think I'll be okay. O.o

2 Kitty   (9:11pm - Mar 10, 2004)

Maximum Light - the f*ck??

James Ellroy novels - so far out of his Los Angeles quartet, I've read The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere, and L.A. Confidential (that's the order of them - I haven't read the fourth, White Jazz, yet). I'd recommend L.A. Confidential - I thought it was the strongest out of all of them, though it's interesting to see how Ellroy's writing skills develop over the course of the series. The Big Nowhere is in second place at the moment - very compelling but a bit weak in some places. It does set up a good lead-in to the next book, though.

At the same time, these books do have recurring characters - I don't know if you're anal about reading things from the very beginning, no matter how sucky that beginning might be.

3 hill   (9:21pm - Mar 10, 2004)

Hey chick.

Battle Royale, the movie, is mint. You must see it. Considering that Dave has given up on American cinema, his new 'angle' is Japanese horror. Needless to say, this came up (along with Uzumaki - which I friggin' hated).

This was hysterical in its violence. We laughed through the whole thing - all 6 of us. You must find said masterpiece: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0266308/

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