Wednesday, March 10, 2004

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oh snap update!

According to Neil Gaiman, the news piece about Alan Moore being unhappy about Constantine movie decisions is not entirely true. Yes, Alan's removing his name from the film, but it's because of some frankly rather insulting legal issues involving the LOEG movie - I think he doesn't want to risk being put in that kind of situation again.

This explanation makes more sense to me than the previous one. From what I've read, he really isn't bothered by changes in adaptations of his films at all. Look at the massive changes made in From Hell and League - why would changes in Constantine cause such a reaction?

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1 Lauren   (12:55pm - Mar 12, 2004)

Well, Alan Moore may be okay with it, but I say casting Keanu Reeves as John Constantine is a mortal sin. Pure, unadulterated EVIL.

Granted, I didn't love the changes in League, but none of the casting made me want to cry. What are they doing to my favorite member of the Trenchcoat Brigade? For the love of God, he's supposed to be based on *Sting*!!!!

Keanu =! Sting. BAD! *sniffle*

2 Kitty   (9:45am - Mar 14, 2004)

Man, *The Trenchcoat Brigade* ... talk about wasted potential! That could've been a great story, but instead it ended up being another Stock Vertigo Pointless Magical Miniseries. Heh, as you can probably tell, I wasn't much of a fan. :D

I had such a crush on John Constantine when I was in high school, too. Think I'll avoid the movie to prevent my head from exploding. I'm with you: *sniffle!*

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