Friday, April 2, 2004

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damn, it feels good to be a fangirl

Teal'c sings!
Click here to hear clips from an album by Stargate SG-1's Christopher Judge, available on CJ fan website Jaffa Kree.
(this link courtesy of Magical Fangirl BJ!)

Patrick Stewart scholarships
When he's not busy pretending to captain starships and lead the X-Men, Patrick Stewart works to enable young human rights activists. Click here to read more about this.

Comicon Freak Bingo
Click here to see this cartoon by Jon Morris.

Stewie Griffin Soundboard
Click here to burn in hell!

Teaching Transmetropolitan
The latest issue of Sequential Tart has a fascinating column on using Warren Ellis' comic to teach about personal essays in speculative fiction. Click here to read this column by Kim De Vries.

recent media intake
Interview with the Vampire (movie)
Wasn't feeling so hot yesterday, so I chilled and watched this film again on FX instead of doing work. I remember it being great when I was in high school, and it was fun to watch at first, but after a while it was a bit irritating. So much pompous purple dialogue, so much whining. Interesting censoring choices by FX (closeup on boobies, yes! person having neck snapped, no!). Chock full of hoyay. Brad Pitt's lips passing "bee stung" and entering the realm of "steel-toed boot stung".

Rory and Ita by Roddy Doyle
I'm almost finished with this biography of Roddy Doyle's parents (basically he just let them tell their stories about their lives in early 20th century Ireland and transcribed the whole thing). It's absolutely lovely. The part that's especially funny to me is Rory Doyle's description of his first job as an apprentice at a printer's. He talks about linotype, compositor's sticks, quoins, knowing the type in each case - even in pleasure reading there is no escape for Kitty from graphic desiiiiiign!

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1 julia   (10:51pm - Apr 6, 2004)

Dude, did you see the Stargate behind the scenes from last season? Christopher Judge is a big goofy dork. He giggles and jumps on Michael Shanks. Fucking comedy gold. (and I have it on tape. *maniacal cackle*)

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