Saturday, April 10, 2004

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links ahoy!

Hooray for free fonts from Chank!

A modern dance tribute to football a/k/a soccer:

A cute but creepy insect:

Street sticker art of the UK:

Science fiction becomes science fact:

"Bleeding heart cake" (warning: nasty!)
(link courtesy of the blog of Magical Storyteller Neil Gaiman)

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1 Jeph!   (9:29pm - Apr 15, 2004)

A page of links is not an update.

Don't think I won't cut you.

2 Kitty   (7:57am - Apr 16, 2004)

Sure it is.

And I'll cut you first. I know where you live.

3 Jeph!   (10:55am - Apr 16, 2004)

::they fight::

4 Kitty   (10:58am - Apr 16, 2004)

This issue: A beloved commenter DIES!

5 Jeph!   (5:33pm - Apr 16, 2004)

At least I'll die knowing that I CUT YOU GOOD.

Don't your parents read this thing?

6 Ethan   (9:26am - Apr 26, 2004)

Wow — awesome street stickers. Where'd you find that?

7 Kitty   (12:39pm - Apr 26, 2004)

Where'd you find that?
Hmm ... link of a link. :( I'm pretty sure I found it on SnogBlog, which is a fun blog to read and has a bunch of type-related entries.

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