Friday, April 23, 2004

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Thursdays become Fridays

I have classes that meet on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. As a result I end up spending most of my weekends doing homework and most of my Monday and Tuesday nights freaking out and doing more last-minute work. A happy side effect of all this is that Thursdays are effectively like Fridays in my head. "You mean I only have to go to work today and I don't have any homework due? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!"

The only drawback is that pesky actual Friday afterwards. Thursdays feel so much like Fridays that I wake up on Friday mornings expecting to have the day off.

No womb-ridden need apply
Intel has introduced a management simulation game on their website called "The Intel IT Manager Game." One of the simulated tasks is hiring new staff. Wonder what aspect of the job it's really simulating ... all of the potential hires are male.

I checked their website and tried to play the game, but it looks like the flak's gotten to them - the game is temporarily unlinked for repairs.
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Strange Ad
Who on earth thought that this clothing ad would be a good idea? It reminds me of a bizarre real-life version of Brunching Shuttlecock's bad sales campaigns.

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1 Andy   (4:06am - Apr 25, 2004)

<grammar nazi mode>What's up with capitalizing the word "woman" in that ad? So completely wrong! It's not the beginning of a sentence or a proper noun.>/grammar nazi mode>

At least they didn't put in any unnecessary quotes.

PS Why isn't there access to comments on the archives pages?

2 Kitty   (5:27pm - Apr 25, 2004)

At least they didn't put in any unnecessary quotes.

It would've been classic if they'd added something like "Don't loose time - come check out our clothe's!"

Why isn't there access to comments on the archives pages?

I activated comments only back as far as the day I started doing them (Jan. 2004). Good point, though - I'd wanted to avoid any comment discussion on old entries getting lost, but the "recent comments" sidebar highlights them now. I'll put that on the update list for this summer.

3 Mister Wolf   (8:59am - Apr 27, 2004)

That ad makes me queasy. 'Trivializing' doesn't even begin to sum it up.

4 Lauren   (9:38am - Apr 27, 2004)

I saw this somewhere, can't remember where. It made me sick. Wonder how the pitch and approval ever got through. Bleh.

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