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I'm Cathy Leamy, an East Coast cartoonist. Check out my comics! They're mainly about autobiographical stories and health care.


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Thursday, May 6, 2004

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slightly more free at last

I survived Advanced Typography. I want some kind of badge.

recent comics: haiku review
Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
Fanwanky excuse
For her to beat down Batman
(Plus some Greek-ish stuff)

Meridian vol. 1: Flying Solo
Spunky, not half bad!
What issue is it on now?
Cancelled? Typical!

A Jew in Communist Prague
Very impressive!
Clean art, convincing conflict -
Wait, that's it? Too short!

Great Teacher Onizuka, vol. 1
Pervs on short-skirted schoolgirls.
Think I'll skip the rest.

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1 Kevin   (10:19pm - May 6, 2004)

Fanwanky excuse For her to beat down Batman (Plus some Greek-ish stuff)

Heh. Have I mentioned that you're my hero, recently?

2 rachel   (3:31pm - May 8, 2004)

I'll give you a badge baby! C'mere and get it!


3 Jeph!   (7:54pm - May 9, 2004)

I've brought you "some kind of badger", as you requested.

This specific "kind" is rabid.



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