Friday, May 14, 2004

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Watch and cry:
Constantine movie trailer available for download

After that, head on over to The Ultimate Hellblazer Index to read up on the original John Constantine, the basis for the upcoming film. You could also read this Sailor Hellblazer! crossover fanfic story if you're up for it.

recent comics: haiku review
Green Lantern: Brother's Keeper
Tonight's episode:
A very special Blossom -
I mean, Green Lantern.

Hellboy: Conqueror Worm
Great character piece
With some Lovecraft-esque baddies
And Mike's art? Gorgeous.

But I feel a bit
Like it's warmed-up leftovers:
"Mom! Nazis again?"

ps. I have enabled comments on all previous blog entries now. If you have something to say on any of them, now's your chance. Wahey!

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1 Andy   (9:00pm - May 14, 2004)

Smellboy is right. Keanu can *not* pull off being John Constantine. I haven't even read _Hellblazer_ and I know that. If they had to move the setting from England to the U.S., they could have at least cast, say, Clint Eastwood as Constantine. Not that ol' Clint would have accepted the job, but at least he has more of an acting range than a plank of wood.

2 Kitty   (5:20pm - May 15, 2004)

Yup. Keanu is not going to be able to pull this off convincingly. Not like anyone will care except the comic fans, though.

A while back when they were still casting, some folks on the 'net said that if it had to be an American, then they'd vote on Kiefer Sutherland. I haven't seen much of his acting lately but I have to admit he looks the part:

3 Joanna   (12:06pm - May 16, 2004)

Gavin Rossdale?



what I don't understand is, if they're going to chuck out any resemblance to the comic, why are they bothering to call it "Hellblazer"? Surely there's not much marketing cachet associated, especially since no one who actually reads the comic is going to be able to stomach it.

4 Kitty   (1:31pm - May 16, 2004)

One small consolation is that the film's title is "Constantine" and not "Hellblazer", so at least the original comic won't be stained by association. Woo.

Joanna's post got me looking at the cast list. Ha ha ha! Talk about a bunch of second-stringers. And anyone want to enlighten me on why Chas the cabbie is about five? That's all this movie needs - a Short Round rip-off to fill the card of Movie Cheese Bingo.

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