Friday, June 4, 2004

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it's the little things

I picked up the first collection of Wildcats Version 3.0 a little while back at the library to see what all the hype was about. The guy behind the desk said, "Did you hear that it's been cancelled?" I think I've found out who it is who keeps buying their graphic novels. Seriously, they have shelves full.

So I'm reading along, taking in all the story about CEO Jack Marlowe and his enormous corporation and their plans to buy up just about everything and corner markets and things. And then I got to this panel.

What kind of business card is that? Damn, Marlowe, lay off buying up the accounting firms and multimedia conglomerates and invest in a decent graphic designer. That card looks like it was slapped together in WordPerfect.

The rest of the trade was okay. I'm still baffled by the corporation's product - batteries that never run down. How would they get repeat customers? The company mascot was hideous, too, but I think it had some kind of plot linkage to previous comics that I hadn't read.

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1 MisterWolf   (2:15pm - Jun 4, 2004)

Oooh! Oooh! Crossover idea! Morgan and Chris team up to battle that Marlowe guy's designer!

No. Never mind. It'd be over in four pages, assuming the artist can fit in all of Chris' dialogue bubbles.

2 Laika   (7:20pm - Jun 4, 2004)

Over in four panels more like it. But hey, I'm reading Crossgen's Meridian at the moment. Quite like their range.

3 Kitty   (9:58pm - Jun 4, 2004)

Morgan and Chris team up to battle that Marlowe guy's designer!
I would so read this comic.
PANEL ONE: Chris blasts the guy with his Ring of Typographic Power. "Welcome to graphic desiiiiiiiign!"
PANEL TWO: Morgan says, "I'm just gonna jump in here" and then wails on the guy with his +5 Gauntlet of Hierarchy.

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