Friday, June 11, 2004

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Nothing says "worthwhile use of computer modeling technology" like a clip of breakdancing Transformers.

Apparently, people still think that Professor Snape's Too Sexy (and worth making a Flash animation to say so).
(These links courtesy of Magical MadMessageBoard Barbelith)

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Black Widow
Damn, put some clothes on.
Real spies don't wear belly shirts
Or half-zipped catsuits.

Blue Monday: Absolute Beginners
Cutesy fake manga
With a Mod/Britpop fetish.
So not my cuppa.

Uncanny X-Men: She Lies With Angels
Wa ha ha ha ha!
What the heck is this nonsense?
The art's not bad, though.

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1 Mister Wolf   (10:32am - Jun 11, 2004)

Oh, that first link SO rocks. =:D But somebody caught me watching it a work on my lunch break! Now everybody knows I'm a dork. =;)

2 Ming   (2:47pm - Jun 11, 2004)

Hey, have you checked out the new Battle Angel Alita? Not the reissue but a sequel of sorts to the original story called "Last Order". My favorite Manga this year by far.

3 Laika   (9:21am - Jun 14, 2004)

Thanks for the link to the Snape clip, very funny. LOL!

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