Tuesday, June 15, 2004

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why kitty's mom rules

So I went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban again, this time with my ma, who also wanted to see it. There's a scene at the end where (spoiler guy) and Harry are having yet another emotion-filled chat about Harry's dead parents and how they'll always be with him, here, and SpoilerGuy puts his hand on Harry's heart. That's when my ma leaned over in the middle of the IMAX theater and whispered, "Ahh, he's going to use the 5-point palm exploding heart thing from Kill Bill!"

Ah, that's whose smartass genes I inherited! I also heard her mutter "Lufthansa!" when someone rode Buckbeak the Hippogriff later that scene.

Also: Damn, my ma was right! There were two actors from Life is Sweet in this movie: Professor Lupin (aka David Thewlis aka Boyfriend of Nicola the Skank) and Peter Pettigrew (aka Timothy Spall aka Aubrey the Creepy Restaurant Guy). That and all of the other famous UK actors in this movie, damn, it's like they raided Britain.

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1 Laika   (8:55am - Jun 16, 2004)

Mothers are great aren't they and yes, as this, like all the HP movies are Brit-based, they trawled the Brit-actor database. ;-)

2 Ethan   (8:09pm - Jun 29, 2004)

I can think of a few other reasons why your mom rules... :)

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