Friday, June 18, 2004

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the hand that feeds you

Metrokitty now offers an RSS feed (also, see shiny orange XML button at the right). All of you with feed readers and aggregators and things, now's your moment!

In other news around the world:
Rebranding Follies: Northwestern Airlines goes for an identity upgrade and rebrands themselves as "nwa". No, really.

101 Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself is silly but fun to read.

Widgetopia is a great and educational read for those who like to be savvy about web iconography and metaphors.

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1 MisterWolf   (1:34pm - Jun 21, 2004)


Shit be whack, yo'.

2 MisterWolf   (1:35pm - Jun 21, 2004)

Oh, and thanks for the link. =:D

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