Wednesday, June 23, 2004

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security blankie

So I’ve been doing some research on network security this week. I was curious about what some of the more popular consumer sites had to say about the issue, so I poked around a bit. And then I just about poked my eyes out when I came across this site.
FTC - Consumer Information Security:
ETA: This site is no longer available. - 6/10/2013

Godalmighty! Is this sponsored by the FTC or by Ranger Rick? Seriously, as a consumer, I’d be comforted more by clean and professional-looking illustrations than by cartoons that look like a feature in Highlights for Children. Then again, this is the same site that marks resource files as "[TXT]" when they’re really HTML files and offers their "Stay Safe Online" postcard in printable version only, so maybe my expectations shouldn’t be too high.

Feel free to "Join Team Dewie", if you’re man enough for the challenge.

Some people asked questions about RSS feeds after I posted the entry about Metrokitty’s new feed, so here is a bit of info for you. RSS is a format used for distributing, among other things, information about updates to a website. On the user’s end, news readers/aggregators are available that check on feeds you specify and let you know when new content is available on a website (so you don’t have to actually go and check on the website yourself every few days).

Introducing RSS offers some basic information about syndication and RSS (one of several different formats out there). To download an aggregator for yourself, try popular ones such as FeedDemon (Windows), NetNewsWire Lite (Mac OS X), and AmphetaDesk (Windows, OS X, OS 9). A much larger list is available here (courtesy of DMOZ). Get the URL for the feed of a site you’d like to monitor and go to town!

Also, if you are using LiveJournal, you can get updates to Metrokitty via the LJ Metrokitty feed graciously plugged in by Magical ArtGeek Ellen (many thanks!).

media intake
Peter Camenzind by Hermann Hesse - I keep finding myself writing down quotations from this book. It’s not the best novel by Hesse, but something about it appeals to my inner alienated teenager.

A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket - Disappointing! Poor and predictable plot, cardboard characters, and clumsy definitions of words every few pages. I got the impression that the author isn’t comfortable writing for a younger audience and that maybe this book was originally intended for kindergoths and Edward Gorey fans. Even in that light, though, it was still underwhelming.

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1 ellen   (11:33am - Jun 23, 2004)

dude, no problem :)

just one more reason for me to obsessively refresh my friends page...

2 (anon)   (8:29am - Jun 26, 2004)

I never like the Lemony Snicket stuff, but then, my brother's twins did, but then, they are only seven. LOL!

3 Laika   (8:30am - Jun 26, 2004)

Ops, that was me, sorry, forgot to fill in my details. 36-24-34

Okay, I'm lying... again!

4 Kitty   (12:29pm - Jun 29, 2004)

forgot to fill in my details. 36-24-34

That >< much shy of the quintessential Brickhouse, woo! gets all the best chicks! :D

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