Tuesday, June 29, 2004

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fandom allsorts

Courtesy of Moon and Serpent, the best Chris Claremont rumor ever:
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Street Angel is a hysterical new comic and the darling of comics bloggers all over the place. Check out Grotesque Anatomy's contribution to Street Angel lore:
The Street Angel Squid Contest
The Street Angel Squid Contest Winners

Get your anger on at Fandom Wank!
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Uncanny X-Sprites is cute and up-to-date with recent plotlines:
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You too can purchase your own knitted Spider-man costume. It's art!
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Anyone out there who hasn't seen "They Fight Crime"? If so, go and take a look.
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In other news
This neck of the woods had a bomb scare yesterday. I was out running errands when I found a part of the street that I needed to visit cordoned off with yellow police tape and peppered with cops and firemen. I asked one for information and he responded with some vague information about a bomb having been found in a box on a table. Suddenly there was a "crump" from over near the area of activity, and the cop piped up with, "Ah, sounds like they detonated it." I tried darting around and pestering others to find out more, but with no luck. The strangest part is that I can't find any information about it from any local news sources. Not even a "Community Alert" from the usually knee-jerk mailing list that sends them out. Odd.

Update: Good news - it wasn't actually a bomb. Phew.

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1 laika   (4:32pm - Jul 1, 2004)

If you are interested, I have a couple of Jim Lee and Chris Claremont signed X-Men comics available.

2 Kitty   (8:50am - Jul 2, 2004)

If you are interested, I have a couple of Jim Lee and Chris Claremont signed X-Men comics available.
I'm not so much of a fan of Lee and Claremont personally, but anyone else who's interested, give laika a holler!

3 Jeph!   (10:10pm - Jul 3, 2004)

Ah, you found the Claremont rumor on your own -- I was gonna turn you on to that.

I still fail to see the appeal of the X-Sprites.

And as for signed Claremont/Lee X-books -- good, 'cause I was running out of toilet paper.


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