Thursday, July 1, 2004

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can't stop the rock!

Yesterday I went to see local indy rockers Harry and the Potters. They're a Harry Potter-themed band, busting out tunes like "Save Ginny Weasley" and "Cornelius Fudge is an Ass". The free concert at the library was to celebrate the release of their second CD, Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock. The members of the band dress in Harry-style pullover, tie, and glasses, and refer to themselves as "Harry Year 4" and "Harry Year 7", with pre-song chatter to match ("I wrote this song back in my third year at Hogwarts; it's about my godfather.").

The show was a riot! I laughed for the entire time. They actually rocked pretty well, though at one point they rocked so hard that Harry Year 7 broke a string. Kudos to the drummer for managing to fix it, and kudos to Harry Year 4 for great patter in the meantime ("Muggle instruments are harder to fix than wizard instruments ... and we're not allowed to use magic in the summer").

Their next Boston-area show will be at the Middle East on August 3. I'm so there.

media intake
Currently reading Lonely Planet Guide to the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Fascinating read! I'd never felt any great interest in that area of the world before, but I'm easily swayed by Lonely Planet books. Might have to update the "Pipe Dream Travel To-Do" list.

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