Friday, July 2, 2004

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does whatever a spider can!

I went to see Spider-Man 2 on Wednesday. It rocked. Owned. Destroyed. Sweet god on toast, that was such a fun film to watch! Tobey Maguire nails the Peter Parker role. Director Sam Raimi put more of his signatures out there, noticeably in the Evil Dead-style "attack of the AI tentacles" hospital scene (swap the tentacles with tree limbs and you're there). The "It Rules to Be Peter Parker" happy montage had me in tears, most of all at the freezeframe money shot (:: jaw drops :: "What the hell? They didn't - they did! Ha!"). Aunt May had a great and important part (and wasn't just baggage) and J. Jonah was even more Jamesontastic than in the first film. And for a moment there I honestly thought that Mary Jane was developing some kind of upside-down kissing kink, which would've been a riot, but alas, no luck there. And Doctor Octopus - godalmighty! Apart from the ahh-my-eyes-bleeding-so-awesome tentacle effects and animation, they actually made him believable and cool. They took the scrubs-clad Moe Howard-alike megalocheesiac from the comics and damn, they made him someone I'd want to see in an ongoing series. And in a white undershirt, too - aah, my secret weakness! :: flees to the KittyCave ::

one small gripe
The film certainly wasn't completely flawless, and hundreds of message board posters are poring over plot holes and bad aspects as I type this, I'm sure. The one plot point that irritated me, though, was the fate of Doctor Octavius' wife, Rosie. She's introduced as his wife and assistant, she plays a role in humanizing the character of Doctor Octopus, she seems to have a nice personality, ... and then she's killed in the catastrophic Doc Ock origin scene. To their credit, the screenwriters don't make this Doc Ock's motivation; happily, they steer clear of You Touched My Stuff territory. And this incident does help to show how the Doc has nothing left at all after the accident. The story wouldn't have flowed the same way if Rosie were still around as a distraction, true.

But cripes, another "death of character's wife" plot point? Between this movie and the recent events in DC's Identity Crisis, it's feeling like there's a Women in Refrigerators revival going on in comics and comic-related media these days. The Sequential Tart writers have noticed this too - check out this month's column "Death and the Female Character". Makes me wanna tweak some Jhonen Vasquez art a bit:

doctored art originally from Squee! issue #3 by Jhonen Vasquez

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1 laika   (8:52am - Jul 5, 2004)

This is one I won't be going to see, I didn't really enjoy the first, so way waste more good money?

2 Jeph!   (3:18pm - Jul 5, 2004)

Because of the chainsaw bit. That's why.


3 (anon)   (8:23pm - Jul 5, 2004)

I actually was lukewarm on the film. I loved all the parody/satirical bits but I felt the plot was a bit forced.

4 Mister Wolf   (8:59am - Jul 7, 2004)

That was a total geek power film. It pretty much completely pandered to my inner six-year old, and my inner anguished teenager. There was basic total identification with that Parker kid on my part, which lead to some painful moments, but ruled at the end. =:) Especially the bit where MJ left some jock at the altar for him, and hurried over to his appartment still in her wedding dress! Stealing a football player's girl is the ultimate nerd power trip.

This, of course, will be the best movie. The sequel they spent the last ten minuites setting up will suck, even if they do the logical thing and have Venom be the primary villain, as opposed the the Green Goblin reprise they forshadowed.

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