Thursday, July 8, 2004

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Friends of yours popping out sproggen? Baby quilts are easy to make and have a more personal touch than the usual gift certificate to Sears.

They also don't take very long to assemble, once you sit down and actually get to work. Much quicker to make than the damn afghan I've been crocheting for the past three years now. I'm telling you, once that thing's done, I'll issue commemorative stamps or something.

For more info on making baby quilts, try Quilts for Baby: Easy as ABC (ignore the cutesy title). A very beginner-friendly book.

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1 liz   (1:26pm - Jul 8, 2004)

Awesome quilt, kitty! (Felt I ought to stick to web-enclature here...) Do you happen to know what language "sproggen" comes from? Or is it some other reference that I'm not cool enough to know?

2 laika   (2:12pm - Jul 8, 2004)

Love the quilt, but, rather you than me doing it. And the DD sequel? Ugh!

3 Kitty   (2:21pm - Jul 8, 2004)

Do you happen to know what language "sproggen" comes from?
Heh - "sprog" is britslang for "kid" (along the lines of "rugrat" or "anklebiter"), and "sproggen" is plural slang made up by folks on one of the childfree newsgroups. I'm such an internet dork. Next entry: all my chatter is in l33t$p3@k!

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