Friday, July 23, 2004

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everything's coming up spider-man

I've come to the world of Spider-Man about five hundred years too late - didn't read it when I was a kid, don't read the titles nowadays, everything I know is from reviews and second-hand chatter. The most exposure I've had to Spider-Man was the occasional guest-appearance in Bendis' Daredevil and crossovers with Power Pack (you in the back there - stop laughing). So after having a great time watching Spider-Man 2, I decided to catch up on spider-lore a bit by borrowing Marvel Encyclopedia: Spider-Man from the library.

Conclusion: Godalmighty, I have no idea what they're going to do for the next film, because Spider-Man's rogues gallery is crap. A lizard in a labcoat ... a guy in a rhino suit ... a mobster who hits stuff with his head? Plus I think I'm one of the three people in the western hemisphere who can't stand Venom, so rumors I've heard about the filmmakers not wanting to bring him to the screen are extremely welcome to my ears. But at the same time, he's one of the very few genuinely cool or creepy Spider-villains. What's the alternative - the Vulture? Kangaroo I? Kangaroo II?

And you learn something new every day: Sweet christ on rye, Spider-Man fought a villain named Typeface. No, really. Typeface. A guy who wasn't content just being a disgruntled former sign-maker, he also went and built letter-themed weapons. This is THE SHIT. I want a petition to get this guy in Spider-Man 3. I want to be a member of Typeface's Whiteletter Advancement Team. I want t-shirts.

Ah, in all fairness, they did a great job with Doctor "Check My Manly Shirtlessness" Octopus in Spider-Man 2, and some his original comics content can be shite itself - observe:

Doc in Aunt May near-marriage shocker!
Doc cowers before newly-corporeal Hit-Stuff-With-My-Head Guy!

Anyway. Here, check out a bunch of Doc Ock-related news stories and mini-interviews with Alfred Molina:

Troublesome Doc Ock
Alfred Molina interview: "Maybe I'm just mean inside"
Alfred Molina interview: "I sang. The tentacles just watched on adoringly." (bonus: mentions "middle-age man tits")
Ode to an Octopus: One Girl's Confession of Love

And in completely unrelated news, whinecore band Nickelback is having a Clone Saga of their own ... check this to mock!

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1 Nicklas   (11:21am - Jul 24, 2004)

Typeface? Really? Typeface? I missed his existense completely, but now I've got to know more. And yeah, he must be a part of the movies. He must!

2 Jeph!   (4:37pm - Jul 24, 2004)

"you in the back there - stop laughing."

Oh, we're laughing at you from the front row too...

By the way -- I actually own a comic with Typeface in it. I'll loan it to you sometime.


3 laika   (8:03am - Jul 26, 2004)

All this fuss over Spiderman, I never read the comics despite being an ardent Marvel reader. I just well, disliked him and, as for the villains? There are very very few really good comic villains out there to begin with.

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