Saturday, August 28, 2004

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breakfast with the JLA

Through a long backstory, I've come into possession of a stack of old issues of Justice League of America. I'm usually not a JLA reader, but I like to give things a chance (and also give myself the knowledge creds to praise or slag 'em), so I figured I'd read them before jettisoning them on eBay or some other outlet. And I figured I'd read them over breakfast. I need something to read over my toast now that I've finished Learn German in Ten Minutes a Day.

Justice League of America, issue 52 (March 1967)
This issue's title is "Missing in Action -- 5 Justice Leaguers!" This makes it sound cooler than what it actually is: a bunch of quickie stories to illustrate why the entire JLA roster isn't present at every single meeting. Each of the highlighted members is shown embroiled in some sitch that prevents him from returning to headquarters when the JLA emergency call is sent out - namely, fighting some baddies.

My take on this? Irritated! Seriously, it's the freaking Justice League. If the JLA Emergency fire alarm is going off, the problem is probably HUGE. I'd much rather Hawkman and Green Lantern stop mid-fight and (for example) go help prevent Cumbre Vieja from wiping out the Eastern Seaboard than have them ignore their pagers and continue stopping manuscript theft and fighting giant dogs (and not just because Cumbre's resulting tsunami is probably going to take out my house).

I also noticed a trend. In all of the mini-stories, JLA members used this strategy against the baddies:

  1. Hit them.
  2. (optional) Tweak things a bit (e.g. coat hands in yellow paint).
  3. Hit them harder.
I have a feeling I haven't seen the last of this strategy.

Best quote:
"My first move is to pulverise their toe-cubes!"

Best WTF moment:
The Atom can't make it to the emergency meeting because he's in 1783 saving the life of Ben Franklin.

Other notes:
Public service announcement "Countdown on Excellence" taught me the value of a job well done.
Cooper Black used in GI Joe "Capture Hill 79" ad.

Ladies! How can you resist the utter sexiness that is Martian Manhunter?
sex bomb, sex bomb, jonn's a sex bomb

Please wipe down the Emergency Signal when you're done with it.
that tickles!

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1 Jon Silpayamanant   (12:46pm - Aug 28, 2004)

This has got to be one of the best reviews of a comic I've read in a while--and I guess it doesn't hurt that the comic reviewed is so wanky either!

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