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I'm Cathy Leamy, a Boston cartoonist and medical writer. Check out my comics! They're mainly about health care and autobio stories.


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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

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kitty's parents rock so hard

Kitty's parents rock so hard
do dahhh, do dahhhh
Brunching in our sweet backyard
la da do dah dayyyy

Kitty's parents rock so hard
do dahhh, do dahhhh
Gave me kick-ass birthday card
la da do dah dayyyy

Kitty's parents rock so hard
do dahhh, do dahhhh
Kitty makes a lousy bard
la da do dah day. Hey!

In other news
Do you like a cappella? Are you in the Boston/Cambridge area? Local singers Integration By Parts are hosting Vocal Band Aid, a benefit concert to support music education in schools. An all-star collection of bands is on hand, and it's for a good cause. Come on by the Somerville Theater (55 Davis Square, Somerville) at 7:00 on Saturday, September 18 for a fun time!

recent comics
Green Arrow: Straight Shooter
This was a fun find at the library. I've never read any Green Arrow before, so this was a nice little introduction to Oliver Queen and the way he works (even if it involves wearing a bright green outfit to be an urban vigilante). The art was clean and the dialogue was snappy, but I wasn't fond of the predictable instances of Disposable Secondary Character syndrome. Two great characters are introduced and then casually offed in this trade, and for what? A story about trolls! What a waste of potential.

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1 Mister Wold   (9:53am - Sep 14, 2004)

Birthday card? Birthday card?

Happy birthday, kitty!

2 Jon Silpayamanant   (1:30pm - Sep 14, 2004)

"Vocal Band Aid"? That sounds wonderful! There've been some great benefits in Indianapolis lately used to raise funds and aquire donated instruments for music education that past couple of years! I'd love to go to that, but it is a bit out of my way! :)

3 Kitty   (1:35pm - Sep 14, 2004)

Birthday card? Birthday card?
Birthday's not for another week, but this was the only time that Team Kitty's Family could get together. But what weather for it! Perfect! My fam's backyard is an utter oasis. I should post some of the digital photos.

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