Friday, September 24, 2004

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whole buncha nonsense

Argh! Taking a document nicely laid out in Illustrator and trying to create a new document in Microsoft Word with similar contents is The Suck. I feel like I'm trying to paint wearing boxing gloves. Or wearing Inspector Gadget's boxing gloves - I know that there are all sorts of cool tricks I can do, but I don't know how to do them, so instead I just jam my hand around a lot.

Here's why I'm going no-mail on my local Freecycle list - posts for September so far:

Offers: 61 messages
Wanted/Needed pleas: 53 messages

Screw this noise. I wanted to get on a list for "crap we don't need anymore", not Santa's freaking wishlist. Examples of "wanted" items that people have requested: Hockey equipment, a car/truck in working condition, various computers, skis, and an above-ground pool. Are you kidding me?

Courtesy of Thought Balloons, the news that The Dandy's Desperate Dan is getting an update. Man, I'm really curious about this. Are there any Brit readers out there who could hook me up with a copy when that issue comes out? I read The Beano and The Dandy religiously as a kid. I still remember the issue when the "Queen of Texas" invited Dan to tea.

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