Sunday, October 3, 2004

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bob's your uncle

So I was hanging out at Uno's waiting for the rest of trivia team My Third Nipple to show up, watching muted 60 Minutes on the four TVs posted around the bar. They started showing shots of Florence, Italy ("Hey, I used to be there") and then Medici shields from around the city ("Hey, the chapels, I was there once too"). Then various portraits, and then mysterious unearthed bones ("Wow! What the hell is this?"). And then - Bob Brier!

Apparently, 60 Minutes aired a segment on exhuming Medici corpses, including a brief interview with archaeologist Bob Brier. Dammit! Why no closed captioning in the Uno's bar? Why? I've gotta see if I can find a clip or transcript.

Bob Brier is a renowned archaeologist and Egyptologist. He hosted The Great Egyptians on TLC, back when it was about learning and not home makeovers. He's also the author of The Murder of Tutankhamen, which covers some interesting theories. When that one fella donated his body to science and ended up being material for a mummification reenactment? Bob was there. Man, back in college, Magical College Roommate B and I were the biggest Bob Brier fangirls. It was all about the blue shirt and khaki pants.

Here, while I'm out looking into this Medici exhuming project, check out some Bob Brier links:

in other news
If it's the first Saturday of the month, stop on by PA's Lounge in Somerville's Union Square to catch DJs Sileni and Colbourne spinning "old-school electro, mutant disco, post-punk, italodisco" and more. Dance party boyeeee.

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1 Kevin Melrose   (5:48pm - Oct 4, 2004)

That's hilarious! I'm a Bob Brier stal- err, fan myself. I'm looking forward to the Medici special.

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