Wednesday, October 13, 2004

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bob: as seen on TV

Good news! Courtesy of drinkerthinker, we've got the 411 on Bob Brier's upcoming TV appearance. You can catch Mummy Detective: Crypt of the Medici on TLC on October 17 (this coming Sunday) at 9pm. Here's a writeup on the presentation. You can find the TLC schedule information here, but I don't recommend it because navigating the TLC/Discovery website sucks.

In other news, did anyone else read The Butterfly Ball as a kid? I recently flipped through my old copy and it was pretty damned crazy. It's a book of children's verse about various animals and insects on their way to attend the Butterfly Ball, and it has some of the most astounding color plates I've ever seen. You can get an idea of the illustrations here. They remind me of the intricate illustrations from Kit Williams' Masquerade, only with a strange subtle glow.

Buzzwords around our office: Hantavirus, GERD, rashes, Tony Little, sidecars, Perfect Strangers, blood flukes.

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1 liz   (7:56am - Oct 15, 2004)

Somehow it makes me sad that the taphophilia article refers to him as "mummy expert and TLC presenter Dr. Bob Brier"

Bob, thinking

"PhD? Check. Exhuming mummies? Check. Appeared on TLC? Whole lotta check."

2 Kitty   (1:28pm - Oct 15, 2004)

For some reason that "check" bit totally made me think about the Blues Brothers.

"It's 3000 miles to Giza. We've got a full tank of natron, half a roll of bandages, it's dark, and we're wearing khakis. Hit it."

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