Friday, October 29, 2004

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hooray, evil!

So, quien es mas macho? John Glover as the Devil on Brimstone or John Glover as Lionel Luther on Smallville? There really needs to be some kind of evil-off between these two characters, and I'd be right there with popcorn and foam fingers.

Now that's just nasty.
For your viewing displeasure, here are some choice visuals:
Pore strip, meet microscope
Ear Nose and Throat USA present photos of oral diseases

Hmm, I'm feeling fannish
I'm back on the Harry Potter fanwagon these days. Maybe it was the allure of a fandom with a whole truckload of amusing LJ icons.

Austin Chronicle write-up of the underground hit Wizard People, Dear Reader. Essentially, it's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with the audio turned off and a total smartass providing his own narrative. Funny as hell, especially the crazy quotable one-liners ("I am the destroyer of worlds!") and the completely random tangents (the conquistador dream sequence). Unfortunately, the sound files don't appear to be downloadable from that main site anymore. Sadness! They're available for purchase on CD, though. And what's all this about the show being performed live in Austin? That's worth a field trip.

Seriously fannish discussion is summarized over at The Daily Snitch.

Meanwhile, in the blogosphere ...
The verdict of Eat More People: Metrokitty is the last to escape the almighty ire! ::dances ireless on the table:: Also, while you're over there, take a look at the horror movie rundown Rick and friends have been doing this month. My movies-to-watch list would be growing immensely if I weren't such a wuss about horror movies.

Websnark offers a good reminder that the Internet is a big public soapbox, so keep that in mind when you're tempted to yowl about your boss, friends, or government representatives. Bonus use of blinky text, also.

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1 Rick!   (10:33pm - Oct 30, 2004)

The only way to become less of a wuss about horror movies is to start watching more of them!

I guess I really am going to have to do All Pilgrim's Month in November to make up for all the people who don't like horror films...

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