Tuesday, November 16, 2004

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going house

House just aired. It looks like a compelling, quirky drama airing on Fox, so I give it about eight episodes, tops.

Gregory House is Spider Jerusalem if he'd gone through med school. He's aggravatingly outspoken and honest, he conspicuously pops pills all the time, he's obligated to work in a place he hates, and he lets everyone know how much he hates it. And yet everyone crows about how he's the best, including people who despise him, and he's gathered his own gang of filthy assistant Houses-in-training. I'm half-expecting to see a scene in a dark bar where House beats a guy down and yells that he's searching for the Truth the Diagnosis.

Let's see how this series turns out. It just aired and already it seems on the knife's edge. Tip the good way and you get quality crazy like madman Alan Shore and Boston Legal; tip the bad way and you get the Adventures of Dr. Mary Sue (okay, Marty Stu), the sympathetic curmudgeon whose greatest flaw is Telling the Truth. At least the American accent Hugh Laurie puts on isn't as grating as I thought it would be.

** Spoilers **

And oh, S.F.F.! Any show that premieres with the plotline of a tapeworm in the brain and then shows you tapeworm-cam gets thumbs up in my book! And what I didn't know until just now (thank you IMDB) was that Bryan "I rock the X-Men so hard" Singer directed this episode, but only this episode. For future ones, maybe we won't end up seeing infectioncam. (*kitty is sad)

in comics news
I finally broke down and bought the final volume of Fake. Unlike all of the others, this one was sealed in plastic. I suspect I won't be winning any donuts with this volume. Cha-ching!

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1 Nicklas   (5:47am - Nov 18, 2004)

Your description of House was the best I've read so far. Hopefully, it falls the right way because I liked it. And I really hope they keep the infectionocam. There's too few good bastards in tv-shows.

2 liz   (7:13pm - Nov 23, 2004)

I am watching House right this moment, and am really enjoying it. The only complaint is that Laurie's accent sounds a little too much like the voiceover in a dark movie. Or a dark movie trailer.

Oh God, I think he's going to cut a kid's toe off!

Gotta go.

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