Friday, December 3, 2004

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still pinchy for one more day!

Just over a day left on the Doc Ock costume auction (this link courtesy of Magical Knitter Drinkerthinker) and the current high bid is $50. I wish there were some way to follow up with the winner. I'd love to find out what the hell someone does with this thing afterwards, beyond entering every cosplay competition possible. Unless it's something nasty, in which case no, I'm not listening, la la la la.

Meanwhile, Ian Brill has a panel from the best issue of What If? ever. Must read this!

Does anyone else besides me think that the cover for Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers looks like one of the Hogwarts house crests?

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1 Dean   (10:15pm - Dec 4, 2004)

I'm going to have to dig through my collection of comics off in storage in NJ to find the exact issue, but I definitely own a What If? issue containing the featurette, "What if Galactus had been raised by Aunt May and Uncle Ben?"

2 Kitty   (6:56pm - Dec 5, 2004)

"What if Galactus had been raised by Aunt May and Uncle Ben?"

:O That's crazy! Ha ha ha ha! "With great power and a great big world-eating mouth come great responsibility!"

3 liz   (7:23am - Dec 6, 2004)

Hey Kitty, if you have an eBay account, I think there is an option to send messages to other users. You can also see other items s/he bought or sold recently, and judging by the "bought" list:

SPIDERMAN Super Hero Ring Sterling Silver WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Yugioh LOB-123 Ultra Rare Left Arm of the Forbidden One


(actual ebay titles). I'm not so sure you *should* open communications. =)

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