Monday, December 6, 2004

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it's official: they're crazy

Heard another bizarre History Channel ad yesterday: a French Revolution documentary promo that ended with the tagline "For two hours, it won't kill you to love the French." WTF! This on top of the fact that I heard it while watching a special about Ben Franklin and how he was a genius inventor, a rebel, and a huge player. Such weirdness. They must be trying to reach out to an edgier crowd. "We're not just for baby boomers who like shows about Civil War firearms, we swear!"

Stop messing with my head
Speaking of craziness, here's a weird experience: Reading fanfiction and discovering that the author has given one of the original characters the same name as one of your friends. Cripes, that was odd. Now every time I see that guy in person, I'm going to picture him running away from Romanian werewolves. Must never mention this out loud.

Hallmark needs cards for this
Happy bloggiversary to Progressive Ruin!

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1 Mikester   (10:10pm - Dec 7, 2004)

Thanks for the well-wishes!

I once found fan-fiction where one of the characters had my name. I hope it was just a coincidence, and not, say, Progressive Ruin/Postmodernbarney slash! :)

2 Kitty   (10:22pm - Dec 7, 2004)

Progressive Ruin/Postmodernbarney slash

... ... I am _so_ starting a LiveJournal community for this now. :)

3 Jon   (1:44pm - Dec 14, 2004)

goodness...the French aren't really that bad. And they do some wonderfully expansive comics too...heh

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