Sunday, December 12, 2004

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and a big thanks to

I'm grateful for Wacom tablets, Epson paper, Barry's Irish tea, loud cheesy MP3's, and living alone in my own apartment so there's no hassle in wandering around at three in the morning in my underwear wielding a sharp X-acto blade and yelling at the TV ("Watch out behind you, it's a Balrog!" "You bred raptors? You insane mofos!" "Aw, Charles, don't do that, Oliver Cromwell's gonna boot your ass!").

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1 Rick!   (4:19pm - Dec 12, 2004)

You're completely insane.

And I like that.

2 Dean   (12:30pm - Dec 18, 2004)

Shouldn't you have spent your time tallying up what you were thankful for over Thanksigiving? What's with the 2 week delay on that? :)

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