Saturday, December 18, 2004

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who's the man?

*kitty has entered the chat room.

*kitty is low on sleep and high on adrenaline and Mentos.

*kitty has been cutting board, spraying adhesive, and praying to the gods of Epson for almost the past two weeks straight.

*kitty passed Final Portfolio. Kitty passed Final Portfolio!

*kitty plans to catch up on three years' worth of sleep. Night school was more of a commitment than she'd anticipated.

*kitty is now going to England for ten days and will catch all you sucka MCs on the flipside.

*kitty has left the chat room.

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1 James   (6:45pm - Dec 21, 2004)


Good job on passing school.

2 Jeph!   (11:39am - Dec 22, 2004)

D+ does not qualify as "passed".



3 Mister Wold   (8:32pm - Dec 23, 2004)

Go kitty! =:D

4 Rachel   (5:41pm - Dec 28, 2004)

Yay! I knew you could do it.

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