Friday, January 14, 2005

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lo, he abhors not ...

I just realized that there was a bit of a theme to the Christmas gifts I received this year. First was the totally unexpected copy of (let's keep this laughably work-safe) See You Next Tuesday from my brother, of all people. Completely out of the blue.

Then I got this from Magical Knitter Drinkerthinker:

I have a toy knitted uterus! With Fallopian tubes! I've gotta do a happy dance. This is the best thing ever.

And I've gotta give it a name. Any suggestions? Send 'em my way!

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1 Jeph!   (2:29pm - Jan 14, 2005)

"Weapon Fourteen".

2 Ethan   (3:17pm - Jan 14, 2005)

I vote "Bill."

Or "Yoot."

Meh, I got nothin'.

3 Jeph!   (9:35pm - Jan 19, 2005)

I've got it -- "Sharon."

Full name, "Sharon the Barren".


4 Alice   (9:37pm - Jan 19, 2005)

How about "blood sack".

Alice...Jeph sends his regards

5 liz   (7:49am - Jan 20, 2005)


The problem with knitting a uterus is that every time you try to make something out of the leftover yarn, all you can think is "uterus".

6 Kitty   (8:06am - Jan 20, 2005)

Hehehe! These are great!

For some reason, I'm thinking about "Robert." No reason except for that it just doesn't fit at all. "Robert the Uterus."

But oh man, Alice! Good call! I've gotta find someway to get the word "sac" in there. That used to be one of the best gross-out catch phrases that my brother and I had - "blood-rich fluid-filled sac." *hurks up*

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