Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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hooray for arisia!

Let's hear it for Arisia! Last weekend I made it out to this convention and back again, in spite of the ridiculous snow on Sunday. As always, a fantastic and off-the-wall weekend spent with excellent friends. I also got the chance to meet a few big names (waves to everyone from the Friday comics panel, including Mr. Websnark and Jef).

Other highlights: Swordfighting demonstrations, catching half of Brother from Another Planet, watching friends perform Rocky Horror on the hotel ballroom stage, and seeing John Picacio's beautiful artwork.

Every time I go, I hit the goth club dance on Saturday night, and every time I don't like the music. Why is this constantly a surprise to me?

Music: Mopey goth stuff with chanting

Music: Stompy industrial stuff

Me: thinks "... yeah, this crowd'll probably skin me alive if I request 'Jungle Boogie,' huh."

Why do I keep going if I already know I don't like that style of music very much? I'm like the fella from Memento, or cartoons' Cathy endlessly trying on swimsuits hoping that the next one won't make her look fat.

Ditto the art show. That place is chock full of astounding talent, true. For some reason, though, every year I seem to forget that for most fantasy artwork, the underlying theme is "Boobies in the Forest." I remember that in a hurry, though.

In other news, I finally finished crocheting that damned afghan. At freaking last!

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1 liz   (12:19pm - Jan 27, 2005)

There was a great episode of Xplay (totally dorky tv show about video games) where they examined the physics of video game boobs.

That's all I have to contribute.


2 Andy   (1:15pm - Jan 31, 2005)

You should request Lacuna Coil songs instead of Jungle Boogie. They have a style more appropriate to goth clubs, without being *completely* sucky.

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