Sunday, February 27, 2005

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odds and ends

Review of Geraniums and Bacon over at Yet Another Comics Blog. Thanks, David!

Polite Dissent's comments section comes up with the one concept that would actually get me to read a copy of The Mighty Thor. (Click here if you want to know about Thor's early days and get the joke).

shock horror department
I laughed out loud at Sunday's Family Circus today. John must have written something about this in Revelation, I swear. (Edit: Correct link now in place thanks to thrillmer!)

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1 thrillmer!   (1:53pm - Feb 28, 2005)

I believe you can view the Family Circus strip in question over at the Houston Chronicle's comics page:

celebrating 45 years of cleverly delivered punchlines...

2 Mister Wolf   (2:47pm - Feb 28, 2005)

Whoa! Nice review. =:) I am JEALOUS.

See? you should draw more!

3 Kitty   (9:59pm - Mar 1, 2005)

Sweet! Thanks for the link, Thrillmer!

4 Jeph!   (7:41am - Mar 5, 2005)

3.5 out of 5? YOU SUCK.

I'm sending this guy some of your earrrrrly work. Oh yes ... and I don't mean "Bluefane Accumulation". I mean "Haunted Hotel".

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