Wednesday, March 9, 2005

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The latest additions to the blogroll on the right: Drawn!, a sweet-looking illustration blog; Suspension of Disbelief, a fact-checking blog for comics; and Comics Should Be Good and The Great Curve, a couple of great comics discussion blogs.

New crafty stuff on my head - this hat courtesy of Magical Knitter Drinkerthinker:

New crafty stuff on my couch - this throw cushion, a bit of a collaboration with Magical Standardsguy Sidesh0w:

Let's hear it for makin' stuff. Woo!

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1 ellen   (4:05pm - Mar 9, 2005)


love the hat. the past few weeks' boredom-at-work has been converted into learning way more about knitting. and getting more obsessed. um. woo? :)

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