Monday, March 14, 2005

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come to Boston Zinefair 2005!

Zines and minicomics in Boston - NICE! This coming weekend, March 19-20, Mass. College of Art will host Boston Zinefair 2005, two days of zine and mini trading plus workshops and spoken word performances. I'll be there hawking copies of Geraniums and Bacon and other minicomics. Come on by!

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1 liz   (10:36am - Mar 15, 2005)

Oh boo, I will be at the dreaded baby shower this weekend. Maybe I can get Sidesh0w to head over and stock up on new comics!

2 Rose   (9:43am - Mar 17, 2005)

Awww....I wish I knew about this earlier. I've plans all weekend :( Have fun :)

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