Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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meme-alicious: 100 things I love about comics

I'm usually not a meme person, but this is a bloggy bandwagon that looks like a lot of fun: 100 Things I Love About Comics!


  1. Grant Morrison
  2. Sean Philips, especially on Hellblazer
  3. Paul Grist
  4. Jhonen Vasquez
  5. Joe Sacco
  6. Philip Bond
  7. Phil Jimenez
  8. Brian Talbot
  9. Alan Moore
  10. Jill Thompson
  11. Edward Gorey
  12. Gene Ha
  13. Brian Michael Bendis


  14. Daredevil (Bendis era)
  15. Jack Knight, Starman
  16. Jack Hawksmoor (Stormwatch edition)
  17. The Five Swell Guys
  18. John Constantine
  19. Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man
  20. Fade from Blood Syndicate
  21. The Shade
  22. J. Scott Campbell's guilty pleasure chicks of Danger Girl
  23. Jenny Sparks


  24. Why I Hate Saturn
  25. The Invisibles
  26. Dork!
  27. Finder
  28. Persepolis
  29. Peanutbutter and Jeremy
  30. Stinz: Charger
  31. Really old Beano annuals that I've read so often I can recite them
  32. The Misfits
  33. The Books of Magic
  34. Sandman
  35. Action Girl
  36. Too Much Coffee Man
  37. Strangers in Paradise: I Dream of You
  38. Black Panther
  39. For Better or For Worse
  40. Power Pack
  41. Scud the Disposable Assassin
  42. Skeleton Key
  43. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  44. Dykes to Watch Out For
  45. Hellboy
  46. Dignifying Science
  47. Nausicaš of the Valley of Wind
  48. The Big Book series
  49. V for Vendetta
  50. School is Hell
  51. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath adaptation
  52. Animal Man
  53. Sam and Max
  54. Watchmen
  55. Peter David's X-Factor
  56. Issue #1 of The Children's Crusade
  57. The "Ramadan" issue of Sandman
  58. The TV issue of Transmetropolitan (especially the "I Hump It Here" bit, hee hee)
  59. X-Factor Annual #1 - one of the ones that got me into it all

    Imprints and Styles and Panels and Things

  60. Milestone Comics
  61. Indulgent yaoi like Fake
  62. All the swearing in Bendis' Alias
  63. Forgotten Vertigo miniseries like Mobfire
  64. Pleasant surprise comics like Street Angel and Vertigo Pop Tokyo
  65. Crossovers that poke fun at icons, like the Green Lantern appearance in Hitman
  66. Barbelith - the satellite and the message board
  67. The original covers for Sandman collections
  68. "Wet Jimmy's gourmet assmeats!"
  69. Letter columns with a personality of their own, like those in The Invisibles and Preacher
  70. Green Lantern's logo
  71. Seaguy's masthead (especially the bubble "g"!)
  72. Characters leaping or flying happily over city rooftops
  73. Superheros with day jobs
  74. That weird sooty smudge that used to show up on Vertigo comics' artwork
  75. Ridiculous complicated and laughable Silver Age plots
  76. After-school-special-style storylines, like the time that Power Pack encountered teens on drugs
  77. Public service announcement comics, like the Luke Cage/Storm/Spider-Man comic against smoking

    Everything else

  78. The blogosphere
  79. Million Year Picnic and Comicopia
  80. Quoting rude catchphrases from Preacher between friends
  81. Going to conventions and finding primo old-school comics like The Hacker Files
  82. Ninth Art
  83. My local library's ridiculously huge collection of comics
  84. Swapping minicomics
  85. Reading comics alone in my apartment and yelling like an irritating pantomime audience. "Look behind you, Wolverine!"
  86. Looking forward to New Comics Day
  87. Underoos
  88. Teen Titans animated series theme song
  89. Reading Italian translations of Wildstorm comics and getting into Planetary as a result
  90. Loaning out comics to friends
  91. Blogosphere catchphrases and inside jokes, like "Pal So-and-So" and the infamous FMK thread
  92. The X-Axis
  93. Gail Simone's old "You'll All Be Sorry" column
  94. Sequential Tart
  95. The absolute thrill of finding a comic you've been seeking for ages
  96. Vertigo trading cards
  97. Static Shock, the animated series
  98. Fanboy Rampage
  99. Quarter bins
  100. Advertisements in old comics. It's like pop culture archaeology!

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1 Mister Wolf   (10:08am - Mar 19, 2005)

Hey, do you OWN The Dream Quyest of Unknown Kadath adaption? I've heard of it, but never seen it.

2 Kitty   (1:29pm - Mar 21, 2005)

Hey, do you OWN The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath adaption?
I have a copy of issue 5, the last issue, and I keep meaning to send away for the others (I originally read a borrowed copy). I was really impressed with how the material was adapted. The original story wasn't bad, but it wasn't nearly as engaging as the comic version. The bit with Nyarlathotep? Rocked my socks!

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