Saturday, March 19, 2005

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reminder: Boston Zinefair this weekend!

This weekend is Boston Zinefair! Come and check out zines, minicomics, and all sorts of self-publishing creations!

I'll be there with table space. Stop on by and check out the minicomics, including a brand new ministory, "I Survived GWAR"!

Table Hours: Saturday 11-6pm, Sunday 12-6pm (check website for workshops and other hours)

Location: The Pozen Center, Massachusetts College of Art - North Building (621 Huntington Avenue; Longwood Stop on the MBTA Green E line)

Hope to see you there! I managed to make it to the last Beantown Zinetown and I can tell you this: Boston has some seriously quality self-publishing.

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1 Jacqueline   (9:05pm - Mar 19, 2005)

hi, i was at the zine fair today at massart. (i'm a student there) i'm really glad that i went. i love zines & comics but can never seem to get my hands on ones that i like/ enjoy reading/looking at. i bought myself a copy of 'geraniums and bacon 2' and i just wanted to tell you that i really enjoyed it. the illustrations/ layout were awesome and the stories were funny. good job, and thanks!

2 Ethan   (8:30am - Mar 21, 2005)

Hey, caffrin--so sorry I missed the zine fair. Good time?

3 Kitty   (1:27pm - Mar 21, 2005)

Jacqueline - awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed the comic! Your email address looked familiar - did I trade for a zine of yours?

Ethan - it kicked a huge amount of ass. I met a lot of insanely interesting people and walked away with an armful of self-published goodness. YAY!

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