Monday, March 21, 2005

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zinefair aftermath

Boston Zine Fair = awesome!
Hooray for the Boston Zine Fair! A shout out to everyone involved, especially the organizers Rosie and Janaka. I had half a table and ended up distributing a lot of minicomics as well as doodling some neat sketches and writing a pretty good chunk of the graphic novel script that's on the front burner right now. I met plenty of cool people and traded for loads of interesting zines and comics. Look for zine and comic reviews in this space as I plough through this enormous pile of reading material. A lot of people really liked "I Survived GWAR" and told me their own stories of seeing GWAR in concert. Some of them were even more disgusting than the show I saw in January.

Cross-Gender Caravan = also awesome!
On Friday night I caught the Cross-Gender Caravan writers tour at its Boston stop. I finally got the chance to hear pal Charlie read in person, and it was frigging hysterical. She read excerpts from her latest novel and a short story called "All the Lonely People: Why Don't They All Fuck Off?" Now I'm sad not to have been able to make it to the Writers with Drinks live reading events back when she was living in this area. Check out her new book Choir Boy, everyone!.

Other odds and ends
The latest Weekly Dig had a great write-up of local art group The Institute for Infinitely Small Things (join them on their search for corporate commands!) and a cover by James Jean. Godalmighty, that guy is everywhere these days.

Paul Harvey commented on the Terry Schiavo life support case this morning, referring to Terry as a "girl." She's 41! I'm not sure if this is due to sexism, to infantalizing Terry as a way of making her seem more like an innocent victim, or to the fact that Paul Harvey is about 153 and everyone seems childlike to the guy.

The American version of The Office airs this Thursday. I watched the clips available on the website and it feels like karaoke. They're reciting the same lines—actually, some of the exact same lines—but without the heart and the believability of the original. They come off as actors rather than people who could be my coworkers. I'll probably tune in on Thursday to see how this cover version of the show goes, but I'm banking on it crashing and burning just like its cover forebears Coupling, Men Behaving Badly, and Royal Paine.

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1 Ethan   (8:02am - Mar 22, 2005)

From what I understand, the first show of The Office (redux) is the only one that recreates the original series; I think subsequent episodes are original.

Still seems a rather, you know, stupid tactic...but hey.

2 Charlie   (4:46pm - Mar 22, 2005)

Thanks so much! It was so awesome to see you! I hope you like the book!

3 Rose   (6:57am - Mar 23, 2005)

I think it's more because Paul Harvey is about 153, and a bit of unconscious infantizing than anything deliberate.

Let me know if you got any super-cool zines. I need some new reading material. :)

4 Kitty   (12:23pm - Mar 23, 2005)

Ethan - yeah, I heard the same thing after the fact. Maybe I'll skip the first episode (because it will probably just irritate me) and watch the second one to see what it's like.

Rose - I got so many good zines! I'll get a jump on going through them and try to bring some along the next time I see you!

Charlie - you rule! It was awesome to see you too! I think I still have your address - I'll pop some minicomics in the mail to you asap!

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