Monday, April 11, 2005

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metrokitty, exciting and new!

What's the product of having actual free time after night school finishes? Shiny new redesign!

The Metrokitty site is sporting new styles, a new codebase, and a lot more content. Click on the nav strip at the left for online comics, my design portfolio, and a bunch of really nerdy extra junk.

Note: I'm still working the kinks out of the styles and the functionality. If you spot anything buggy, please send a note my way!

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1 Rose   (7:45am - Apr 12, 2005)

Ooh, it is shiny and cute!

2 Kevin Melrose   (7:57am - Apr 12, 2005)

Woo-hoo! I love the new design.

3 Mister Wolf   (9:41am - Apr 12, 2005)

Whoa, have you ever been to design school! =:D I like the cloudie bits.

4 Johnny Bacardi   (10:28am - Apr 12, 2005)

Smashing! Absolutely smashing! :)

5 Ethan   (10:43am - Apr 12, 2005)



Looks really hot, Catherine. Congrats on the redesign!

6 liz   (11:14am - Apr 12, 2005)

Awesome-o redesign!

Makes me think of the dumbest song lyric ever: "Pink, it's like red but not quite." You tell them, Stephen Tyler!

7 Rick!   (11:26am - Apr 12, 2005)

It's all filled with fluffy goodness.

I was personally hoping for a GWAR redesign...

8 Kitty   (3:33pm - Apr 14, 2005)

Woo hoo! Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Rick - you know, it's funny you mention that. One of the scary ideas that came out of the recent zinefest was the notion of "Chibi-GWAR." This has to be drawn.

9 Andy   (6:22am - Apr 16, 2005)

Well, the cloudy bits in the upper right and lower left stay in place when you scroll (which is mad cool, yo), but navigation bar moves with the main content, which is maybe not the best move, since it's no longer to the left of where you mention it in the blog entry - it's way up above it. On the other hand, if it got longer, it could end up getting hidden under the clouds, so I can kind of see why you did it that way.

--Andy PS Kudos for naming the stylesheet file jedimaster.css.

10 MercFrog   (4:55pm - Apr 16, 2005)

The new site rocks!! I like the cloudy bits - very friendly! :)

11 Kitty   (7:43am - Apr 19, 2005)

Hey Andy - good point about the navigation. I think I'm going to stick with the moving nav strip for now. The way I picture it, the contents of the page scroll normally, and the clouds stay fixed, framing all of the content. I do need to fix some other style bugs, though, so maybe I'll play around with it while I'm coding.

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