Monday, April 25, 2005

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monday morning

Geraniums and Bacon is now available in the zine rack at Lorem Ipsum books. If you've never visited it, I can't recommend it enough - they have the most eclectic collection of used books I've seen yet.

I've updated the Metrokitty stylesheet to get rid of some overlapping content problems. Floats are my bestest friend. Again, if anything looks strange to you, please hollahhhh.

I ended up deciding to name the toy uterus "Robert."

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1 John   (3:41pm - Apr 29, 2005)

Just in case you think I never read your blog: You're wrong. I am like a ninja with a contract to read.

The mage quotes are great. If nothing else, it provided with me with all of the enjoyment with none of the immediate temptations to do grievous bodily harm to Mike.

2 Kitty   (2:46am - Apr 30, 2005)

Yay, NinjaJohn!

The Mage quotes crack me up too every time I reread them. We really did make fun of Mike a lot. Next time around, we need to spread the hatred a bit. :D

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