Sunday, May 22, 2005

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Reading some comics, hooray for comics

recent comic reads

Bone - This was adorable and exciting at the same time. I'm not usually into epic fantasy quests, but this story was balanced out with plenty of homey, day-to-day situations. Sure, there are dragons and omens and the King of the Locusts trying to bring himself back to life; there are also bar squabbles, markets, cow races, and crushy attempts at love poems. I read the first three books in one sitting and the next three in another. It's engaging!

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life - This was a lighthearted read with a simple (and cute!) art style. Lots of fun little continuity points, silly characters, and total gem joycore moments (like how characters' first appearances sport ratings for them - "T for Teen", "Awesome!"). I wasn't a huge fan of the plot, though. I can't get into slacker stories. I usually just end up shouting at the page, "Get off your ass and do something, for God's sake." This was the same source of my irritation about Demo #11, which was so the wrong issue to pick up as an introduction to the series.

You know what I'd rather read? Never mind joycore - I want to see jobcore. I really prefer reading stories about people who do things, who pursue careers. I'm tired of finding not much beyond relationship dramas with incidental jobs, or job stories about temp workers and drudge retail positions. This is why I like manga like Firefighter - stories about people actually doing things, not just complaining about their jobs or kicking around chasing romance.


Going to Iceland for a week. Anyone want a postcard? Let me know!

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