Sunday, July 3, 2005

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batman begins to rock my world

First off, I'm joining the ranks of Jay for a minute to just rave and jump up and down. OMGWTFBBQ MOVIE SO GOOD AHHH! NINJAS! CHRISTIAN BALE IS CUT OUT OF ROCK! SCARY SCARECROW! NINJAS!!!

I enjoyed this movie immensely. The slow build-up gave weight to all of the actions and decisions: the ninja training, the military gadgetry, the psychology of fear all created a setting where you see Bruce don the batsuit and you think, Yeah, that makes sense.

Several other scattershot thoughts about Batman Begins (contains spoilers):

Alfred - At first, I wasn't convinced. Michael Caine seemed too street, too Cockney. Then I read this interview, saw his ideas for Alfred's ex-SAS background, and was sold on it. What with the Wayne family being flush with cash and easy targets, I'd bank on Alfred being hired less to pass around the fingerbowls than to act as a bodyguard in case of emergency. And the background for this is a movie I'd like to see: The Adventures of Young Alfred. I can easily picture him like Brother Cadfael, living the big raucous ass-booting life and then settling down to a (supposedly) calmer position in later years.

I'm only just catching up on the actual comics now and have found out that comics!Alfred had some kind of combat medical training. Hopefully I'll find out more as I read on.

Minutes until the Velvet Goldmine fanficcers start writing crossover stories: 3
Minutes until Lucius/Alfred stories start popping up on the web: -2
Would you like to see a crossover where instead of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler is Reginald Jeeves: Yes, please

Intertwining stories - I agree with the guys who are tired of plots involving the villain's story intertwining with the hero's origin. It wasn't nearly as bad as the original Batman, but it was still vaguely there. The loop of Ra's Al Ghul having trained Batman and his organization having semi-directly caused his parents' death was just too full-circle for me. I prefer the cause being "crime in general," which gives Batman a huge open-ended challenge of fighting "crime".

Adorable Kiddiewinks Must Be Destroyed - The cute kid scenes irritated me, to absolutely no one's surprise. If I have to see ordinary citizens in danger/disbelief, I'd rather see Joe or Jane Average than L'il Timmy.

And then at the end of the film I realized OH DAMN! They're setting him up as Robin for the next film, mark my words! Small child highlighted for not much apparent reason? An orphan, now that they showed us that he couldn't find his parents during the fear gas rampage? Aw man! Better pick up some Wayne Enterprise-embroidered footie pajamas for the sequel, Bruce. That kid is so moving in.

If this really does turn out to be the case, I'm not looking forward to it. I've never been a fan of the concept of Robin. Why on earth would Batman bring a minor out jackbooting around on criminals? It's just way too goofy. I like Batman as an inveterate loner, distant and unattached, somehow reminding me of Harry Haller in Steppenwolf, completely devoted to the work, just like me. I'm just not seeing "adopting a tyke and bringing him along to whup crime" here. If they go for it, they'd better make it convincing. Then again, after seeing this movie, I think they could do it. They made a lot of ridiculous ideas look slick in this one.

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1 BeaucoupKevin   (11:02pm - Jul 3, 2005)

Would you like to see a crossover where instead of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler is Reginald Jeeves: Yes, please

Jeeves would not tolerate Bruce's shenanigans one bit. I can just see the material now, from Bruce's POV in the Wodehovian style:

It was as I was stepping out of the elevator and Jeeves was waiting for me that I realized there was something horribly awry. The briefcase, which contained the suit, was not where it should be: in his hand."

"Sir?" Jeeves looked at me preemptively upon first noticing my disconcertment at the situation RE: my crimefighting togs.

"I had...plans for tonight, Jeeves." I said that as definitively as I could, which certainly should remind the man of his place in the whole scheme of things.

"No, sir. We're having your Aunt Harriet over for dinner. I've got Anatole preparing a lovely organic salmon fillet, resting atop a pinhead caper mash, with braised beets, and a fino buerre blanc. I've been assured that he's come up with the meal with your specific interests in mind."

I could swear that his eyebrows raised at that moment in a distance that can only be measured in micrometers. Some might suspect that he has mind-control powers like that fellow from Central City - you know the one, with the googly eyes.

"Oh. I suppose, then, that I should-" My point was lost at the idea of my other, less evil aunt's prize chef creating wizardry in my kitchen. The man is, of course, a genius.

"Yes, sir. Young Master Timothy will be driving us home, by the by. He's just obtained what he calls a "Learner's Permit.""

"Good lord, Jeeves."

"I would recommend entreating our safety to him quite often as we sojourn back. Quite. Often."

2 Kitty   (8:45am - Jul 4, 2005)

... ...

BeaucoupKevin is the wind beneath my wings.

3 liz   (7:37am - Jul 5, 2005)

I can find no internet proof for this, but didn't the movie credits list the kiddo as "Blahblah Ward", too? I vaguely remember freaking out at the end of the second viewing over this.

Or it could have been the margaritas.

4 Phoenix   (1:04pm - Jul 9, 2005)

*clears throat*

Well... just because you didn't seem to notice... at the end of the movie, the future police cheif told batman about a crazy who was leaving calling cards at his crimes, and what did they happen to be?? Jokers. The end of the movie set up for the origional batman movie. The little kid won't be Robin. Robin's parents* were in the circus and that's how they died... Remember that* movie? it's already been made.

Even if they decided to make another version of all the batman movies, I kinda doubt they'd go through as much trouble as they did to have the Joker talked about at the end of the movie... I also don't think they would have had the childhood friend say basically, for him to call her when he's done being batman... well~ that kinda conveniently explains why there's a different possible love interest in each movie that doesn't work out. Part of him is holding out for her.

*shrug* but then again, this is my opinion and I could be wrong.

5 BeaucoupKevin   (8:02pm - Jul 10, 2005)

Phoenix, you don't seem to realize: this is clearing the Batman movie slate entirely. Finding out about Joker in that manner contradicts how we discovered him in the 1989 movie, where it was stated that Jack Napier killed Bruce Waynes parents instead of Joe Chill in the new version. Completely re-launching the film series was the way it had to go, as Burton's vision was, frankly, a bit too goofy in retrospect.

6 Kitty   (9:31pm - Jul 14, 2005)

I did see the Joker card at the end of the movie, and I'm with BK in that I think they're rebooting continuity and ignoring the original film (heck, possibly all the previous films) and doing their own sort of "Ultimate Batman." Batman Begins completely laid out how Bruce's parents died, which doesn't match up with how they met their fate in Batman. I actually welcome this; I wasn't a huge fan of the original Batman movie and thought that the Joker being responsible for the Waynes' death was far too full-circle.

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