Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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So I was reading the local alternative paper, and I stumbled across an advertisement featuring an illustration that seemed strangely composed and vaguely familiar.

Scan of advertisement for Beach Dig 2005

And I stared at it for a moment, thinking, That looks like a drawing I've seen before. Like that girl's fist is oddly posed, like she should be holding something in it. Like that's actually Natalia Kassle holding a big knife in Danger Girl.

Scan of panel from issue 1 of _Danger Girl_ illustrated by J. Scott Campbell

Yup. And there's a tinge of further irony given that Natalia looks like she's wearing a swipe/homage copy of Honey Ryder's swimsuit-and-knife ensemble from Dr. No. But it's not like Danger Girl was ever passing itself off as much more than fun genre-based homage and pastiche, and at least all of its art was original (as far as I can tell, anyway).

I can't believe I spotted a Danger Girl swipe cold like that. I haven't looked at the series in months at least. Man. Sometimes I really wish I could harness my memory powers for good or for profit rather than for just comics and movie quotes.

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1 BeaucoupKevin   (7:44am - Aug 11, 2005)

Oh, dear lord - they couldn't even be bothered to move her hand or put, I dunno, a bottle of Rum in it?

2 jimbo   (1:45pm - Aug 13, 2005)

That's crazy! I saw that ad in the dig and wondered who did the art-no clue that it was a dirty thief! Looks like that's one more Beach Dig I won't be attending this year...

3 Kitty   (7:55pm - Aug 15, 2005)

I know! Man! I'm used to seeing blatantly stolen images for event promotion and not blinking [1], but when they try to disguise it, that irritates me even more.

[1] Like the time I found a postcard on the street and saw that it had Battle Angel Alita on it. Excited! Flipped it over and found that it was swiped art for a club night promo card. Boo!

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