Monday, September 5, 2005

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hurricane katrina - food not bombs mobilization

Food Not Bombs Hartford is mobilizing to send a group of volunteers along with food, medical supplies, and other goods down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where they will work with other chapters of Food Not Bombs in setting up a mobile soup kitchen to feed the hungry and distribute supplies.

Please help by sending donations. You can find donation information and background details here:

Food Not Bombs Hartford | Mobilization for Katrina Victims

Please forward this link to anyone who might be interested and could donate - any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated.

The website will also be updated with news and photos from the volunteers - stay tuned.

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1 Jeph!   (8:46pm - Sep 6, 2005)

Ironically, I'm volunteering time with Bombs Not Food Boston.

2 liz   (7:43am - Sep 9, 2005)

It is wonderful that your brother is able to get personally involved in this. I'm sorry I can't donate, but I've given all available money to the Humane Society. The stories of people having to leave behind animals pulls at me harder than anything else.

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