Friday, September 16, 2005

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Minicomic reviews

Minicomic reviews of I Survived Gwar and Geraniums and Bacon over at Shawn Hoke's minicomic review blog Size Matters. Thanks, Shawn!

I've also added I Survived Gwar to's minicomics list - go on, get yourself a copy!

Sideblog updates

Say hi to the new entries on the sideblog:

Question for you all: Feed preference?

The Metrokitty RSS feed currently shows a summary of blog contents rather than the full text. Is anyone out there following the site via syndication, and if you are, do you have a preference for the feed contents - summary or full text?

Have some photos!

This man loves you all. Except you.

This was spraypainted on the floor of the Red Line. Okay!

This thing should not exist. It was put out on the sidewalk with a bunch of other junk under a "Free" sign. Wonder if it was ever used?

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1 Greg Burgas   (8:32am - Sep 20, 2005)

Thanks for the publicity. I will try to keep up the high standards.

2 liz   (1:27pm - Sep 20, 2005)

What marketing genius decided they needed a little drawing of a hot dog in a sauna? Wearing glasses?

And my boss just walked in. SUPER!

3 jumbotron6000   (8:14pm - Sep 20, 2005)

Thanks for letting me know that I'm awesome! Now that I'm moved into my new place, I can buy some of your minis-the awesomeness is spreading!

4 fridgemagnet   (3:01pm - Oct 4, 2005)

Full entry, innit.

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