Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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it's milk ... to the EXTREME!

Brought to my attention by Veg Blog, it's just what the world needs: Marvel branded Slammers Ultimate Milk Shakes.

Ultimate Milkshake, Spider-Man version

Apparently, each drink is "specially fortified to match the Super Hero's super powers." Not clear on exactly what that means ... according to the nutritional information, you'll get your Spidey powers by downing a combo of low fat milk, no fat milk, cellulose gel, cocoa processed with alkali, and acesulfame polyunsaturated fatty acid. My Spidey gag reflex is tingling!

I don't know what's my favorite aspect of this - the names (Wolverine Fierce Caramel!), the art (Spidey crotch cam!), or this glowing testimonial from the website:

"Your brand guys have really captured the essence of our property in your packaging and product."
- Former Marvel Executive

You tell 'em, Former!

If these drinks really want to be true to the Marvel brand, though, they should repackage the drinks under new titles every year or so and put the Wolverine fortification in all of the drinks. That should do it.

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1 Ryan   (9:23am - Oct 26, 2005)

"My Spidey gag reflex is tingling!"

I love it!

2 BeaucoupKevin   (10:37am - Oct 26, 2005)

Guess who got the Hulk one and tried it out of morbid curiousity?

The Answer: the same guy who just had a full-body shudder after thinking about how awful that was.

3 liz   (11:59am - Oct 26, 2005)

Does that say "natural and articfical flavored chocolate WEB"? Or am I just making up what I wish it said?

4 liz   (12:00pm - Oct 26, 2005)

IT DOES! http://www.bravobrands.com/media/img/pck_ul16_t1_web.jpg

5 Kitty   (12:24pm - Oct 26, 2005)

Does that say "natural and articfical flavored chocolate WEB"?

Ewwwwwwww! "It's Peter Parker's own genetic freak arm spooge in a bottle ... TO THE EXTREME!"

6 BeaucoupKevin   (10:17pm - Oct 26, 2005)

Hey, hey, hey. He built his own damn webshooters just fine. Those shot out STRAWBERRY shakes.

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