Thursday, November 3, 2005

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Reykjavik street art

Back in May, I visited Reykjavik, Iceland. I walked all over that crazy place and found a lot of great street art.

Fighting bra mural

What? What? I can't explain this at all!

Larva-esque wall art

Colorful! In the background is the Cathedral of Reykjavik, intentionally evocative of flowing volcanic lava.

Pretty lady wall art

Found just outside a fantastic little modern art gallery I stumbled across while vainly searching for the willie museum.

Don't fall asleep wall art

"Don't fall asleep." Ahh, words to live by.

Graffiti mural

Yeah! You tell 'em, creepy graffiti man!

Graffiti people with hearts

All you need is love. And a Sharpie.

Shadow dancing graffiti


Oh, now, was that really necessary? YES.

Wall art mural of peeps

This art style reminds me of someone's ... drawing a complete blank on the name.

King Mob graffiti in Reykjavik

This sets the cockles of my little fangirl heart ON FIRE.

Ah, crazy Reykjavik! I never saw the sun go down and I sat for an hour almost every day boiling my pasty fleshiness in a thermal pool. Good times!

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1 mike abbott   (8:31pm - Nov 4, 2005)

I think I found your site via politdissent, if so I thank him (my memory is often fuzzy). Everytime I spot something new here I know there is a very good chance I'm in for something interesting to read, possibly see and even think about. Thank you.

2 mike abbott   (8:33pm - Nov 4, 2005)

ps. I'm a big fan of G.M. as well.

3 Kitty   (9:55pm - Nov 4, 2005)

Neat - thanks for the comments, Mike! Glad you enjoy the blog!

4 Bill Doughty   (5:35pm - Nov 7, 2005)

The wife and I stopped into Reykjavik for a day or two on the way back from our honeymoon in Scotland two years ago (we flew Icelandair, and they really encourage stopovers). It was indeed a very pretty place (and the lack of trees was really weird), but it was November, so it was both cold and dark, so we didn't see as much cool stuff as you seem to have. Interesting locale, though, and I'd love to go back sometime. In the summer.

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