Wednesday, November 9, 2005

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chats gone wild

I was chatting online today with Magical Rocker D, and together we were working through a tricky database query. We managed to get to the bottom of the problem.

And then everything turned into an old-fashioned crazy happyfest.

Kitty: hooray!
MagicalRockerD: lots of cheering here at mission control, I assure you
Kitty: wooooooo!
MagicalRockerD: I just saw some high-fiving!
MagicalRockerD: wow!
Kitty: hahahaha!
Kitty: dust off that sedan chair!
MagicalRockerD: and that Johnson guy from the Stats department just tried to kiss the new secretary gal! I knew he had a thing for her!!
Kitty: now's your chance to get one of the ladies from the typing pool!
Kitty: go for Bernice - she's a real humdinger!
MagicalRockerD: break out the Armor-All and shine up the dashboard! We're taking the Edsel for a Sunday drive!
MagicalRockerD: she had me at her beehive and rocket-cone bra!
Kitty: :: puts on goggles, jumps into the sidecar with a picnic basket ::
MagicalRockerD: *toy poodle tags alongside*
Kitty: malteds for everyone!
MagicalRockerD: *inserts pipe in mouth, start humming cheerful, whimsical ditty*
MagicalRockerD: "To the A&W, Nelly! Pop's treat!!"
* Kitty waves hello to small boy pushing a hoop down the street with a stick, tosses him a licorice whip
MagicalRockerD: <--puts hay-penny in alms basket...and all is suddenly right with the world...
Kitty: :: hollers up to Mr. Scrooge in the window, "It's Christmas Day, sir!"
MagicalRockerD: you could twist what you wrote into a suddenly not-so-happy day - watch:
Kitty: uh-oh
MagicalRockerD: "waves goodbye to small boy whose legs are being pushed apart by a large, unforgiving hoop, then whips him with licorice"
MagicalRockerD: he's biting on the stick, naturally
Kitty: I think I saw a movie like that once.
Kitty: in a theater with very sticky seats.
MagicalRockerD: *enter soot-covered mandrills, who shriek their unholy shriek and begin terrorizing the small town*
MagicalRockerD: I know I have!
MagicalRockerD: I was 3 rows behind you, in the banana outfit
Kitty: o.O
Kitty: I swear that wasn't me in the hat. NO REALLY.

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